76 Days review – haunting Covid-19 documentary leaves its mark

A chilling look at what frontline workers faced in Wuhan might not expand the canvas quite enough but remains a potent and horrifying document

The title typography on the opening credits and the poster of 76 Days looks very much like a riff on Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, and the film does have the same element of horror and panic. Actually, it means the 76-day lockdown imposed at the beginning of the year on the city of Wuhan, the ground zero of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This movie from the Chinese documentary film-maker Hao Wu, working with newcomer Weixi Chen and also a film-maker and camera operator called simply “Anonymous”, is a study of Wuhan’s hospital workers and the healthcare professionals as they battle to keep the mounting tide of human fear and grief under control.

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