9th WHO Global Forum for Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officers, June 2020

<p>May 2020: Government chief nursing and midwifery officers, national nursing associations, and national midwifery associations will convene for the 9<sup>th</sup><em> WHO Global Forum for Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officers (GCNMOs)</em> and the 8<sup>th</sup>&nbsp; Triad Meeting of WHO, the International Confederation of Midwives, and the International Council of Nurses will be <strong>virtual meetings</strong> held during <strong>16-19 June 2020</strong>.&nbsp; </p><p><span style="background-color:transparent;text-align:inherit;text-transform:inherit;white-space:inherit;word-spacing:normal;caret-color:auto;">In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the meetings will be held using an online platform. Daily interactive &ldquo;live&rdquo; sessions (streamed) will complement multiple opportunities for ongoing engagement through discussion boards, videos, voice-over presentations and recorded live sessions on the online platform. Interpretation in the WHO official languages will facilitate discussions among nursing and midwifery leaders.&nbsp;</span><br /></p><p>The meetings will focus on strengthening the nursing and midwifery in the context of COVID-19, leveraging the findings from the first ever <a href="https://www.who.int/publications-detail/nursing-report-2020"><em></em></a><em><a href="https://www.who.int/publications-detail/nursing-report-2020">State of the world&rsquo;s nursing 2020</a></em> report and new evidence on midwifery, and identifying priorities for the next strategic directions for nursing and midwifery. The meetings will culminate with a joint call to action in the Triad Statement.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>