Are you a complete covidiot? It’s what the government wants of all of us | Suzanne Moore

Denial of the basic facts of the coronavirus outbreak is not confined to conspiracy theorists but has crept into what passes for government policy. Covidiocy is now mainstream

Wish you could stand the “covidiot” in the corner and laugh at him? There are not enough dunces’ caps for all the covidiots out there. They come in planeloads returning from the Greek island of Zante, they congregate in Trafalgar Square to listen to David Icke bellow “Freedom!” while an over-excited Piers Corbyn jitters about. They manifest in the shape of Ian Brown, the Stone Roses frontman, who tweets: “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX #researchanddestroy.”

Some of them lead huge countries and tell us Covid is but a mild flu, such as Jair Bolsonaro.

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