Autumn arts: our critics pick the best shows, film, music, books and TV

The world of culture is raring to go … from Steve McQueen’s first TV drama to Tracey Emin and Munch, here’s our pick of the season

Artemisia National Gallery, London, 3 Oct–24 Jan
It looked for a while as if the most anticipated show of the year – perhaps the past decade – might be cancelled by Covid-19, and Artemisia’s long road to recognition blocked yet again. But tickets are now on sale. Italian Baroque genius, precocious successor to Caravaggio, fearless traveller, defiant witness against her rapist in court – Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) is the all-round heroine of art. She painted women as strong as herself: Cleopatra grasping the asp, Lucretia choosing suicide over dishonour, Judith cutting off the head of the despotic Holofernes with a vigour scarcely seen in art.

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