‘Be your own best friend’: a psychologist's tips for filtering out the noise in your head during uncertain times

Many of us have struggled with our mental wellbeing since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. These simple exercises and tips provide a great starting point for improving your state of mind

There’s nothing like being stuck at home for months on end to muddy your outlook on life, especially if you’ve been working while also caring for other people. Even thinking about a friend doing something different is enough to send dark thoughts swirling, let alone catching a glimpse of them living their best life on social media while your own is limited to eat, sleep, repeat.

But with a few tweaks to how you approach your day, it’s possible to filter out the noise and distractions in your head so you can focus on what really matters, even when life is particularly challenging. Rose Aghdami, a chartered psychologist who specialises in helping people build up resilience at tricky times, says the first step is recognising negative thoughts or distractions and working out how to replace them with positive ones.

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