Biden urges moderate Republicans to delay Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement – US politics live

11.55am BST

Sam Levine and Alvin Chang report for us this morning on new data obtained by the Guardian that provides some of the most detailed insight yet into widespread United States Postal Service mail delays this summer.

Shortly after taking the helm, Louis DeJoy – a major Republican donor with no prior USPS experience – implemented operational changes he said were intended to make the financially beleaguered agency more efficient. Those changes, which included an effort to get postal trucks to run on time, led to severe delays and widespread public outcry this summer.

In late August, DeJoy announced he was putting the changes on hold until after the election, and last week a federal judge in Washington blocked USPS from implementing them. The changes were clearly aimed at “voter disenfranchisement”, given the increased role USPS will play in this year’s presidential election, the US district judge Stanley Bastian wrote in his ruling.

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11.45am BST

The Biden campaign team have been touting a significant cash advantage over the Trump team this weekend. On Friday, Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh announced they had $325 million cash on hand.

On Sunday, Biden’s team revealed that they have $466 million cash on hand, an advantage of $141m.

Last month, the Trump campaign significantly reined in its TV advertising, even going off the air at times in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota. Biden ended up outspending Trump more than 3-to-1 on TV in August, $69.9 million to $18.8 million, according to Advertising Analytics.

The cuts to Trump’s TV spending reflected a growing fear of a cash crunch for the campaign, as Biden caught up in fundraising. But Trump officials have pushed back on the notion that they’re facing financial problems, pointing to a focus on digital and in-person campaigning, among other things.

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