Boris Johnson lets rip another demented monologue in Commons | John Crace

MPs from both side look on in bewilderment at Boris’s turkey of a withdrawal agreement

You could sense the impatience in Boris Johnson’s voice. He had come to prime minister’s questions prepared to take Keir Starmer on over the government’s new willingness to break international treaties. But the Labour leader was one step ahead. There was no need for Labour to get involved at this stage, when the EU and large sections of the Tory party were already up in arms at the prospect of the UK acting like a rogue, failed state. Let others do the dirty work for him.

Instead Starmer chose to direct all six of his questions to what was on many people’s minds: the ongoing mystery of why the government’s world-beating track-and-trace system was sending people on a 700-mile round trip on the off chance they will be able to get a coronavirus test whose results will probably be lost. Who was responsible for this mess?

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