Come on kids, let’s get back to normal! (But listen: if gran dies, it’s your fault) | Joel Golby

Matt Hancock has teed up the next instalment of the Covid blame game by preemptively accusing the young of senicide

If there’s one thing this government has consistently proven itself to be good at, it’s coming up with a catchy slogan which is then impossible to de-escalate. We saw it first with “stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives”, which I think kind of worked actually – if there’s one thing the British people love, it’s a reminder that the NHS is so sacred that to invest public money in it in any significant way would be somehow unholy, so please stay indoors and clap and hope for the best. This lasted two months before it became, “stay alert, control the virus, save lives”.

Then there’s Rishi Sunak’s one-man high-street-restaurant renewal plan, which, when he first unveiled it, might as well have been written on a Post-it as “something like ‘eat out to help out’? Not that obviously”, but has perversely stuck.

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