Coronavirus live news: Brazil cases pass 5m; Trump calls catching Covid ‘a blessing in disguise’

France sees record cases; one in seven people tested in Belgian capital is positive; Trump returns to Oval Office against CDC’s isolation guidelines. Follow the latest updates

12.09am BST

When interviewed a short while ago on Fox news, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows would not answer the very simple question of when Trump’s last negative test was, which suggests that Trump has not tested negative since testing positive.

Nonetheless, Trump has returned to the Oval Office.

The way this generally works is: politicians don’t answer easy questions — even when the constant refusal to answer becomes a news story in itself — when the answer is more damaging than the obvious stonewalling.

12.03am BST

Vice president Mike Pence will be debating Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in two hours’ time:

The person this video is not a gift for is Pence.

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