Coronavirus live news: French ICU patients highest since May; Trump to participate in next debate

Ireland’s health chiefs called for highest level of restrictions late on Sunday; restaurants in Paris can stay open but bars cannot

1.06am BST

Trump has just tweeted two videos.

The first, set to rousing music, shows Trump’s arrival back at the White House.

1.01am BST

The New York Times has just reported that senior White House officials are blocking new federal guidelines for the release of a coronavirus vaccine. The stricter guidelines include a provision “that would almost certainly guarantee that no vaccine could be authorized before the election on Nov. 3, according to people familiar with the approval process”, which is what the officials are objecting to.

The Times’ Sharon LaFraniere and Noah Weiland report:

The struggle over the guidelines is part of a monthslong tug of war between the White House and federal agencies on the front lines of the pandemic response. White House officials have repeatedly intervened to shape decisions and public announcements in ways that paint the administration’s response to the pandemic in a positive light.

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