Coronavirus live updates: global death toll nears 1m, Australian state of Victoria set to ease restrictions

France records more than 14,000 new Covid cases; Colombia passes 800,000 infections; Saudi Arabia plans to resume tourist visas by early 2021. Follow latest updates

12.59am BST

Donald Trump is currently addressing a rally in Pennsylvania. He’s started by railing against “leftwing justices” on the supreme court who, he says, will “will cripple police departments, protect sanctuary cities” and end the death penalty for “even the most depraved mass murderers”.

There’s a reference to “Sleepy Joe” and more baseless claims about problems/corruption with ballots, some crowd chanting of “USA” and “four more years”.

The Trump Superspreader Tour 2020 has come tonight to Middletown, Pennsylvania. Follow for a video thread.

12.53am BST

If the slogan of 2020 is “We’re all in this together”, perhaps it should come with an asterisk: *except for those with less, who are hurting more.

Covid-19 hasn’t torn through Australia as it has the United States, Brazil, India and much of Europe, but the economic impact has exposed gaping inequities in almost every facet of our lives.

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