Coronavirus testing and the fantasy of a moonshot mission | Letters

Readers express their frustration with the utter shambles of England’s test-and-trace regime

Despite what Matt Hancock says, there just aren’t enough tests available (Report, 15 September). There are still no routine tests for medical professionals and other frontline services. Paramedics I have spoken to in Liverpool have been tested only once in the past six months and attend emergencies not knowing whether they are virus-free. They have colleagues who have caught Covid and some have died. It is unacceptable to put them at risk like this.
Barry Kushner
Labour councillor, Liverpool

• Stories of symptomatic people being offered tests hundreds of miles from their homes hardly inspire confidence in the government’s test-and-trace efforts, let alone the proposed 10m daily tests of Operation Moonshot (‘We just need the system to work’: fresh reports of Covid test problems in England, 9 September). And these are just the symptomatic cases. Without universal testing to gauge the number of asymptomatic cases, we will not have any alternative to more lockdowns.
Phil Coughlin
Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear

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