Donald Trump heading to California for wildfires briefing as death toll rises – US politics live

11.59am BST

Associated press are reporting that police deployed tear gas on a crowd of people protesting earlier this morning after an officer shot and killed a man in Pennsylvania while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Lancaster following the shooting death of Ricardo Munoz, 27, on Sunday afternoon. The crowd formed outside the police station, where the department stated multiple buildings and government vehicles were damaged by demonstrators.

11.49am BST

Donald Trump has tweeted this morning accusing the Joe Biden campaign of lying in a campaign ad.

Quoting conservative media personality Lori Hendry, Trump added “Biden Handlers know this is a lie!” to her tweet about the advert on Trump’s social security plans.

Biden Handlers know this is a lie!

Democrats ginned up a letter from the chief actuary to describe a plan that does not currently exist. Trump certainly suggested he might eliminate the payroll tax, but then he pulled back from that idea and reiterated that any diversion for a payroll tax holiday would come out of general funds.

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