Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul: a note-perfect signpost for the end of days

Rumors of a fight between the 43-year-old retiree and the YouTube megastar have purists in a lather. More alarming is what it says about boxing’s ability to mint new stars

The pandemic rages. California is literally on fire. A second American civil war, the collapse of the republic and the establishment of a fascist dictatorship all fall within the range of plausible outcomes for the months ahead.

Against this grim backdrop, the rumors of a boxing match between retired world champion turned CBD oil salesman Floyd Mayweather and YouTube megastar Logan Paul feel oddly note-perfect and right on time. Viddal Riley, a British cruiserweight in Mayweather’s promotional stable, confirmed talks between the sides were on in an interview with Sky Sports on Wednesday. At a time when everything is awful and America doesn’t need a diversion so much as an anesthetic, the dumbest imaginable sporting event for the dumbest possible timeline materializes unsolicited like a deus ex machina. Maybe we’re just lucky.

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