Glue and scissors: how I rediscovered my teenage hobby amid the pandemic

At some point in my adult life, art had become a thing for people who were already good at art. But during the lockdown, I rediscovered collaging

In March came the quarantine. Homebound under the governor’s orders, my only escape was an Apple orchard of electronics – MacBook. iPhone. iPad. – my world flattened to screens. I was now a college professor whose domain had shrunken from a classroom to a Zoom URL, students admiring the lush wall of plants in my living room. As a single-unwed-childless-petless woman with no roommates, I found my social life relocated fully to social media.

By April, my digital ennui ran deep, but I could find no suitable tech-free distraction to float through the hours confined at home. I made daily attempts at improving my read-to-unread book ratio, but my anxious mind insisted on drifting from the page. Often, my attention broke mid-paragraph and I’d be back online checking for breaking news of a Covid cure that wasn’t coming anytime soon, or peering at posts made by friends I used to spend quality time with IRL.

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