Hannah John-Kamen: ‘I love that Brave New World is too close to home’

From Black Mirror to Ready Player One, the Yorkshire-born actor has spent her career delving into dystopia – making her ideally placed to star in a prescient adaptation of Huxley’s novel

Much as 2016 threatened to put the brakes on political satire, so 2020 makes dystopian drama a difficult sell. Shows that revolve around doomsday scenarios, invasive governmental control and populations blithely accepting unthinkable changes to their everyday lives must now up the ante. Luckily, the latest series hoping to cut through Covid-era chaos is an adaptation of one of fiction’s most notorious and insidious futurescapes: Brave New World.

Unsettling fantasy worlds have become the stock-in-trade for Hannah John-Kamen, one of the show’s stars. In the past few years, the Yorkshire-born actor has played villains in Steven Spielberg’s 2045-set virtual reality epic Ready Player One and Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, spent five seasons as an intergalactic bounty hunter in the Canadian sci-fi series Killjoys and appeared in two Black Mirror tech nightmares. Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Tomb Raider also feature on her CV.

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