‘I had a little sob’: freshers face up to strict new Covid rules

UK students are feeling anxious following Scottish ban on parties, campus lockdowns and a warning against travelling home for Christmas

As freshers week drew to a close at the Parker House hall of residence in Dundee last week, one flat invited 30 or so fellow students to a party. Unknown to any of the attendees, one was experiencing early symptoms of coronavirus. When that party-goer and their flatmates all tested positive for the virus, the whole flat locked down, followed by the entire block.

The outbreak has turned an initially pleasant freshers week of socially distanced fun into a nightmare for Duncan Rendall, a first-year student at Abertay University who is now in his fourth day of lockdown. “I can’t leave my flat at all so I’m just stuck in my room,” he says. “It’s very isolating. You come to uni and expect to be able to socialise with new friends.”

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