‘I miss the buzz of an office. Wearing something cheerful perks me up’: the rise of the domestic goddess 2.0

With workplaces shut and party season a distant memory, take inspiration from the new alpha homebodies

Turns out the fashion legacy of coronavirus doesn’t begin and end with a tracksuit. Enter the new style icon: the alpha homebody. Think power-dressing for the era of WFH, fabulousness for a party season without parties, status-signalling for an age that values home, health and core relationships above all else. In 2020, when working from home extends to CEOs and you don’t have to commute to be going places, the domestic goddess is staging a comeback.

You might find the domestic goddess 2.0 in the kitchen, but she’ll be on her laptop at the table (or post 6pm, knocking up cocktails) rather than baking cupcakes. She is Gwyneth Paltrow running a media empire from home, wearing a ketchup-red designer sundress but no mascara. She is Chrissy Teigen, taking down President Trump on Twitter while hanging out in a silk robe. She is Sophie Ellis-Bextor live-streaming a kitchen disco to her 264,000-plus Instagram followers with an 18-month-old crawling around her feet. Her home is her castle, but she is a powerhouse, not a potterer. The new domestic goddess is too busy curating her Zoom backdrop to grow roses around the front door.

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