John Oliver on Trump’s Covid diagnosis: ‘Both shocking and utterly inevitable’

The Last Week Tonight host on a virus outbreak at the White House and threats to an already perilous election

The week in news was so jam-packed, said John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, that even taping on a Saturday, there was barely time to talk about the New York Times’s bombshell investigation into Trump’s taxes, a recording of Melania ranting about Christmas decorations, or even Tuesday’s train wreck of a presidential debate. The headline story was, of course, Trump’s contraction of coronavirus, news that “felt both shocking and utterly inevitable,” Oliver said, as the White House handled the outbreak “terribly” with misleading timelines and confusing, obfuscatory updates on the president’s health.

“So many of the decisions that Trump and those around him made this week look absolutely appalling in hindsight,” Oliver said, “from his family refusing to wear masks at Tuesday’s debate, to failure to notify anyone on the Biden team that they may have been exposed, to the fact that the fundraiser he attended just before testing positive was a fucking buffet.”

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