Lockdown 2 suffers from the curse of the sequel: how long until we get bored? | Joel Golby

Boris Johnson’s revived call for ‘national sacrifice and unity’ feels more Basic Instinct 2 than The Godfather: Part II

One thing about sequels is, they are all terrible. They are all pointless; they are all nakedly transparent attempts to synthesise the original work while at the same time taking away artistically from it, every single second movie diluting what was good about the first.

I know already, because I attended parties in university, that there’s someone out there itching to correct me – in my experience it is normally a man with a thin, lank ponytail and a warm can of Hobgoblin and a special email from Wikipedia thanking him for guarding the honour of Terry Pratchett’s bibliography page – who wants desperately to say: “But The Godfather: Part II …”

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