NHS nurse caught in a scam, but Halifax won’t pay out

The caller had all my details and I checked their phone number, but Halifax said I was negligent

I am an NHS intensive care nurse and have recently lost my entire life savings in a scam. I was phoned following a night shift from the telephone number of my bank, Halifax, which is printed on the back of my bank card. I checked this at the time of the call. The caller knew my account details and I was informed there had been suspicious activity on the card and that a payment of £7,000 was due to come out of my Isa savings account.

The scammer then advised that a new Isa account should be set up to protect my savings. I was told that due to Covid-19 this would have to be done online, rather than in my local branch. I was talked through the process and £12,000 was moved to a new account which had the same sort code as my own. I got a text from Halifax saying the name on the new account did not match the payee name I had entered, but the scammer said this was because it was a new account. Halifax told me I will not be receiving any money back as they considered I had been negligent.
BT, London

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