Online Survey for Health Professionals on a Healthy Recovery from COVID-19

<p>WHO invites health professionals globally to participate in a brief survey about their country&rsquo;s – and the world&rsquo;s – efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health emergencies. <br /></p><p>This survey is being carried out by George Mason University on behalf of the World Health Organization-Civil Society Working Group on Climate Change and Health, and will inform the working group in their work around a healthy recovery from COVID-19. <br /></p><p>The survey can be taken <a href="–821aB_3ny19CrJAtwpdIX72WSAuAN56RvQmeOZAJhGqJYZGRnDlsdnX29wfo8x3-5rcV3C0WytmPOSoMoSru5F3ECn9won_Rl__NmMtIUosdEYgx8PIfyBq8BOCZgX3xQeJH1hIbo15npyFVX9D8biFGWF48w0Xt3KYncFTZ8YyNkOza3z5P7nstx-tsw7U2XS4b7E75osU5FpLUehDNDpIWU/">here</a>. Participation in the survey should take a maximum of 3 minutes.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>About the survey<br /></h3><p>Much of the world is currently experiencing both a public health crisis and an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many nations are implementing economic recovery packages in response. What will happen to my answers?<br /></p><p>Some health professionals are proposing that COVID-19 economic recovery packages should aim for a &ldquo;healthy recovery&rdquo; (where the nation seeks to become healthier and more resilient) rather than a &ldquo;return to normal&rdquo; (how things were before the pandemic). In addition to strengthening healthcare systems, this would involve producing much more clean renewable energy, embracing sustainable farming and food systems, and helping cities prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation over cars to improve people&rsquo;s health and quality of life.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>What will happen to my answers?<br /></h3><p>Submissions to this survey are anonymous and will be used to inform the World Health Organization-Civil Society Working Group on Climate Change and Health on the priorities of the health community, as well as inform the George Mason University in their research on effectively communicating the interconnections between climate change and human health.<br /></p><p>The survey does not collect any personal information or contact details from participants.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>If you have further questions or feedback about the survey you can contact <a href=""></a>. <br /></p><div class="button button-blue-background"><a href="–821aB_3ny19CrJAtwpdIX72WSAuAN56RvQmeOZAJhGqJYZGRnDlsdnX29wfo8x3-5rcV3C0WytmPOSoMoSru5F3ECn9won_Rl__NmMtIUosdEYgx8PIfyBq8BOCZgX3xQeJH1hIbo15npyFVX9D8biFGWF48w0Xt3KYncFTZ8YyNkOza3z5P7nstx-tsw7U2XS4b7E75osU5FpLUehDNDpIWU/">Take the survey here</a></div>