‘People need a laugh’: the making of Lem ’N’ Ginge, a queer audio adventure quest

With theatres shut, writing duo Mary Higgins and Ell Potter began creating for radio. They talk about the leap from stage to audio

‘You’re sitting in a box by yourself, often screaming,” Ell Potter explains over Zoom. “Then you leave and everyone’s like, are you OK?” She shakes her head. “I was just pretending to fall from a great height.”

In March, theatre-makers Mary Higgins and Potter were in Edinburgh performing their show Hotter to dwindling audiences, as the threat of coronavirus loomed ever closer. With the closure of theatres resulting in an absence of ticket sales, a new commission gave the pair a chance to keep on creating, this time for radio. The result is the rollicking comedy and queer adventure-quest Lem ’N’ Ginge: The Princess of Kakos.

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