Purchasing information Use of this site

Use of this site

Sign up

Purchase is not a sign up for registrations, but registration benefits. Such benefits: In case of a return purchase, billing and shipping details are already included in the system, registered users may occasionally have extra promotions, etc.

Select Product

Click on product categories on the website to choose the desired product family, including individual products. Click on each product to find the product photo, item number, description, price. When buying, you will need to pay the price on the website. The products are illustrated with an illustrated photo. The accessories and decorative items shown in the photographs are not part of the product unless it is highlighted in the product description. Please note that we are not responsible for any errors or omissions.

Put into shopping cart

Once you have selected the Product, you can click on the “Buy Now” button to place the item in the basket without creating a purchase or payment obligation since the purchase is not a bidding.

Content of the basket until the order is finalized – until the “Buy” button is pressed – you can freely modify, remove products from the basket, remove the basket items or change the desired product number.

View Shopping Cart

When using this site, you can check the contents of the basket at any time by clicking the “View Basket” icon at the top of the site. Here you can remove the selected products from the basket or change the number of the product. After the “Update Your Shopping Cart” button, the system displays the information that corresponds to the changed data, including the price of the products in the basket.
If you do not wish to select other products and to put it in the basket, you can continue to purchase by clicking the “Buy” button.

Enter customer information

After the “Buy” button is pressed, the contents of the basket will be displayed and the purchase price of the selected products will be the full purchase price.

In the “User Data” text box you can enter your full name, address, and phone number in your “Billing Information” text box. In the “Delivery Information” text box, the system automatically stores the data entered in the “Billing Information”. If you are requesting a different address, please remove the check mark. In the “Comment” text box, you can optionally enter additional information.

Distributed Products

Immediately available products

Products in stock can be purchased immediately. After preparation for shipping, the product will be shipped to the specified delivery address.

Available products

For orderable products, check if there is any stock, if you have it and you claim it, we will start purchasing the product.

Finalize your order (bidding)

If you have been satisfied that the contents of the basket correspond to the products you are ordering and that your information is correct, click on the “Buy” button to close your order. The information provided on this website is not a contract for the conclusion of a contract by the Seller. In the case of orders subject to the GCC, the contract will be concluded by the Seller by accepting the bid made through your website in accordance with the provisions of this GTC.

By pressing the “Buy” button, you explicitly acknowledge that your bid is deemed to have been made and your statement will result in a payment obligation in the case of a Seller’s receipt under this General Terms and Conditions.

Maximum purchase value

For technical reasons, free shipping can be provided at a price limit of $ 40 ($ 10000). If you want to buy a higher price, you can purchase the product in several installments. There are no limits in purchasing for more details, you can submit more orders one day.

Order Processing, Contract Completion

Your bid will take 48 hours. If your bid is not certified by the Seller within 48 hours of this Standard Terms and Conditions, you will be relieved of your bidding obligation.

In the case of the purchase of special products, the bid constraint applies to both parties until the action expires. After the action expires, you can buy the product at the indicated price.

At any time you have the opportunity to place the order. The Seller will confirm your bid by e-mail within the working day following the sending of your offer. The contract will be made by accepting the bid you make by the Seller.

Payment methods

Bank Transfer

You can also arrange the counter value of your products by bank transfer. Data required for transfer:
Beneficiary’s bank: Unicredit Bank
Beneficiary name: Filep Józsefné, Orion Websolutions
Tax number: 99-0373199
Beneficiary account number: 10918001-00000053-31750002
IBAN: HU33 10918 0001 0000 0053 3175 0002


PayPal is the most popular internet payment tool, a payment gateway for accepting a bank card that is independent of banks. Its use is more convenient after just one minute registration.
The bankcard data provided to PayPal is not stored in any form by our server, we do not see the data. Transactions take place in real time.

PayPal payment is available on the basket page or on the individual product datasheet.

Methods of acceptance, acceptance fees

Courier Service

Distributed products are located in the warehouses of our suppliers, geographically in the European Union and China. As a result, when purchasing more products, the products will not be placed in a central warehouse and will not be packaged. Delivery is done by our supplier’s shipping partner. The courier service will deliver the ordered product to the delivery address you provide, where it can be picked up locally and personally.

During shipping, no charge will be charged up to $ 40 ($ 10000).

Completion date

The general execution deadline for the order is up to 31 to 50 days from the order confirmation, depending on the delivery address. This delivery date is for information purposes only and the guaranteed delivery time is 60 days. By accepting the terms and conditions of the contract, you acknowledge that Seller has expressly excluded liability for damages due to exceeding the specified delivery time.

Rights maintenance, ownership clause

Some of the products on our site may have been discontinued. For this reason, we reserve the right to partially or completely reject the orders already acknowledged. Partial fulfillment may only take place after consultation. In case of prepayment of the purchase price of the product, the amount will be refunded within 5 working days.