QAnon conspiracists to drugged-up juggalos: the YouTube hit delving into Weird America

Andrew Callaghan’s series All Gas No Brakes offers a Gen Z spin on Louis Theroux, as he traverses the US to meet ‘vagrants and vagabonds’ – and to investigate some serious issues

It is March 2020, and in San Antonio, Texas, hundreds of arms dealers, prison builders, and members of state law enforcement are meeting at the annual border security convention to sell their services, guns and military-grade equipment to anyone sharing their interest in protecting the US.

Interviewed by a lanky, deadpan reporter with wild hair and a suit that looks like something he’s stolen from his dad’s wardrobe, a shoe salesman touts the latest Reebok trainers as essential to combatting all and any threats to national security. A shotgun dealer menacingly warns the journalist not to peer into the barrel of a gun: “It’s not guaranteeing you could die, but it’s a pretty solid chance it will do substantial damage.” Elsewhere, a coronavirus-denying arms dealer with a buzzcut rants about how the pandemic will disappear after the election, and why Saudi Arabia is his least favourite country despite the good food. “My favourite entree? I ain’t a woman, so I ain’t have to worry about that.” Mexican food is served.

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