Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Republican Lisa Murkowski will not support filling vacancy before election – live

7.03pm BST

Bryan Armen Graham is about to take the reins of the blog, but before he does, Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri has given me a chance to get back on my favourite hobby horse for minute, telling CBS’s Face the Nation “the constitution prevails here in terms of how we do” supreme court nominations, and telling host Margaret Brennan that “there is a Senate majority put there by voters for reasons like this”.

In short, yes, the constitution says the Senate considers and confirms or rejects supreme court nominees chosen by the president. In shorter, it’s, uh, woolly on whether election years make any difference. In very short, about the Senate majority being “put there by voters”? Uh-huh.

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6.31pm BST

Jahana Hayes, a Democratic US representative from Connecticut, has tested positive for coronavirus and will quarantine for 14 days, she announced Sunday on Twitter.

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