Semi-viable leader offers up furlough-lite. Debt collectors may apply

Rishi Sunak survives the day by vowing to help workers in ‘viable’ jobs. And not being Boris Johnson

For an hour or so it felt like there was an adult running the country. Or as close as we’re likely to get to one in the Conservative government during the coronavirus pandemic. It might still all be an illusion, of course.

When Boris Johnson gives a Commons statement, he invariably sounds as if he is winging it: the measures he announced on Tuesday seemed relatively trivial when compared to Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance’s briefing the day before. Only this morning we had the “not nice but dim” Suella Braverman calling Labour’s Ellie Reeves “emotional” for supporting the rule of law. It’s so last year for an attorney general to uphold the law.

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