Sunnymead Court review – the joys of love and live theatre

Tristan Bates theatre, London, and online
In her lockdown romance, playwright Gemma Lawrence explores desire, isolation and homophobia

A remote love story seems so fitting for our times. This long-distance romance, conducted from two balconies, dramatises the desolation of lockdown but simultaneously asserts the thrill of being seen – maybe even touched – during it.

Stella and Marie are marooned inside their flats during the Covid-19 pandemic; from between the panoramic sprawl of dogs, kids and skyscrapers, they spot each other on their balconies and wave. Marie is a socially awkward loner, convinced – or convincing herself – that the world is entering a post-body age (“We are transitioning from human experience to digital experience”) whereas Stella is grounded, sociable and ebullient. The playwright, Gemma Lawrence, plays Marie, while Remmie Milner is Stella.

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