The era-defining question facing Labour: is there such a thing as Starmerism? | Alan Finlayson

Politics is all about telling a story of how we got here and where we could go. So far, the leader has only hinted at such a vision

Retired generals in the Labour camp are restless. In April Alastair Campbell noted how political discussion was rarely “framed by things Labour has said or done”. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Peter Mandelson urged Keir Starmer to “construct a project of his own”, something more than a “short-term political fix”. These are just two of the more prominent voices concerned that Starmer’s Labour has yet to outline, in Mandelson’s words, “how it would do things differently”.

The issue here is the question of vision. Starmer’s cautious competence has given him approval ratings higher than those of a particularly poor prime minister. But can Labour look further ahead than next week’s poll? If so, what does it think it sees? We know that Starmer is in charge, but will there be a Starmerism lighting a path to the future and defining the party’s agenda?

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