The last-chance saloon: Glaswegians contemplate 16 days with no pubs

Some are worried about the social isolation Sturgeon’s lockdown will bring, but others say she has not gone far enough

“People have got to live,” said Raymond McAllister, sitting with two pals in the cosy wood-panelled bar of the Lismore in Partick, “and pubs are doing a good job of sticking to the guidelines. I feel 95% safer in here than I do walking through a supermarket.” The 65-year-old heavy-goods driver was enjoying his day off in advance of the shutdown of pubs, bars and restaurants across Glasgow and central Scotland for the next 16 days.

“I know it’s difficult and the government’s just going by what the experts tell them,” he said. “But it seems a bit hypocritical when they say you can sell coffee but not alcohol. Nothing’s straightforward.”

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