The ups and downs of controlling coronavirus | Letters

One anonymous reader suggests a week-on-week-off system for school students, B Wells points to failings in the track-and-trace service in Wales, Dr Arnold Zermansky looks at the positives of the NHS 111 service, and Sheila Hutchins is depressed by the rule-breaking of Jeremy Corbyn

Living in Tyneside, I am no longer allowed to have a coffee with a friend in my garden (Covid lockdowns in north-east England: new rules explained, 29 September)(. As long as Dominic Cummings stays well away from the north-east, I am happy to accept this. But this government expects me to risk my life every day in the school where I work – and where I have to elbow my way through large numbers of students in narrow corridors several times a day. About a dozen of our students have tested positive for coronavirus since the start of term and they are distributed among most year groups. The discrepancy between our latest government rules and the workplace situation of many people in this area is a farce.

I am not in favour of school closures; they wreak havoc with young people’s mental health. But I would welcome a model where students spend one week in school and the next week completing substantial amounts of work at home, during which time the other half of the student population would be in lessons. This would reduce the number of students in schools by 50%, make social distancing feasible and still guarantee continuity of learning.
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