This season’s trends could feel irrelevant. But there is one that fits the strange mood of now | Jess Cartner-Morley

Scarf prints appeal because they are rooted in a comforting old-normal

Most years I am genuinely excited about “new trends” come autumn, but this year they feel like an abstract concept. When autumn collections sashayed under catwalk glitter showers in early February, coronavirus was still just a news story, rather than a way of life. What relevance do predictions that designers made six months ago about what we’d want to wear for party season have in a season of government-enforced early nights?

So I find myself sceptical about why we should buy into a template for now that was dreamed up back in the old normal. If designers had a crystal ball back in February, then – guys, did you forget to charge it? Because if it had been working at fashion week, surely there would have been some hint that we would all be in tracksuits a month later?

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