Trump and Biden both head to Minnesota as state opens early voting – US politics live

11.53am BST

Graphic photos that surfaced online this week appear to show deep bruises on the face of a Black man who died following a police chase in Louisiana last year, raising new questions about whether his injuries were caused by the crash that ended the chase or an ensuing struggle with state troopers.

The family of 49-year-old Ronald Greene also released images of the SUV involved in the May 2019 crash showing that the vehicle appeared to have sustained only minor damage to its driver’s side.

11.42am BST

Departing US ambassador to China Terry Branstad has blamed Beijing in public for the spread of the coronavirus beyond its initial source late last year.

The former Iowa governor told CNN “What could have been contained in Wuhan ended up becoming a worldwide pandemic. [The] Chinese system was such that they covered it up and even penalized the doctors who pointed it out at the beginning. It’s really I think the communist system of China, and their unwillingness to admit wrongdoing that caused this whole thing to happen. And that’s the tragedy of it”

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