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The court battle over the US census in San Jose continued yesterday, with a federal judge chastising government attorneys for failing to produce documents that showed how the US Census Bureau made its decision to cut short by a month the head count of every US resident.

The Associated Press report that US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose told government attorneys that they weren’t complying with her order to produce administrative records during a hearing in a lawsuit over whether the once-a-decade census will finish at the end of September or the end of October.

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While on the subject of coronavirus, Christina Jewett has been reporting on the working conditions that medical staff have suffered during the Covid-19 outbreak, and how that has ultimately led to deaths.

The California Nurses Association has filed complaints to Cal/Osha, the state’s workplace safety regulator. Similar concerns have swept across the US, according to interviews, a review of government workplace safety complaints and health facility inspection reports.

Covid patients have been mixed in with others for a variety of reasons. Limited testing has meant some patients carrying the virus were identified only after they had already exposed others. In other cases, they had false-negative test results or their facility was dismissive of federal guidelines, which carry no force of law.

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