UK coronavirus live: PM abandons ‘go to work if you can’ advice ahead of of major announcement to MPs

Labour leader addresses conference while later Boris Johnson will address the nation later as government tightens Covid-19 restrictions

10.07am BST

Here is some comment on the Starmer speech from journalists and commentators. Overall, the verdict is very positive.

From the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg

No messing about from Starmer this morning – brutal on PM, brutal on party’s performance at election, and trying to explain forcefully why he wants to win with some decent lines

There is no mistaking that Labour is under new leadership – and new branding.

Party opts for the Union Jack as the image to sum up Keir Starmer’s speech. Big push on patriotism as he asks traditional Labour voters to take another look at the party. Unimaginable in Corbyn era.

Powerful speech from Starmer taking on Johnson & Corbyn in equal measures

Pitching himself as PM-in-waiting with brutal attacks on Johnson’s character. And an attack on Corbynism too as he speaks of taking Lab ‘out of the shadows’

To the public: “we’re under new leadership”

A very strong sense in this speech of Starmer saying all the things he had to bite his lip on while sitting around the Shadow Cabinet table. (Perhaps a parallel with May to the Cameroons…)

First rate speech from Starmer. Taking Labour “out of the shadows” an excellent way to make the perennial point that Labour can do nothing for those it cares about most unless it wins power

Very, very strong from Starmer. The Tories have a proper fight on their hands now.

One other interesting thing. Starmer embraced the knighthood. Tories hoping to trade on that. He wants to use it to show he’s not a threat, and a patriot.

.@Keir_Starmer rarely talks about his knighthood and often prefers to be called Keir not ‘Sir Keir’.
But he just said one of proudest moments was when parents saw him get knighthood at Buck Palace for services to criminal justice.
Part of message to voters re family/security

Starmer in his leader’s speech goes on the character issue. Brutal. “While Boris Johnson was writing flippant columns about bendy bananas, I was defending victims and prosecuting terrorists”.

Absolutely brutal personal attack by Keir Starmer on Boris Johnson, in his virtual conference speech now. Not just going for him over competence, but studs in on his character too. Unexpected.

Very good speech by @Keir_Starmer – confident, intelligent, serious, thoughtful & mercilessly savage about Boris.
Labour has an electable leader for the first time in years.

9.46am BST

Here is the full text of the Starmer speech.

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