US approaches 200,000 Covid deaths as supreme court row intensifies – US politics live

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Steve Contorno writes for the Tampa Bay Times today that Ginsburg’s death may help Trump and Republicans dismantle the Affordable Care Act. But, Contorno goes on to ask, will that hurt him in the most important swing state?

With his third appointment to the high court, Republicans hope President Donald Trump can deliver the final blow to the Affordable Care Act after a decade of GOP efforts to dismantle the federal health care law. The supreme court is scheduled to revisit the law a week after election day in November.

But the timing of that case coupled with the vacancy created by Ginsburg’s passing has the potential to alter the political landscape in Florida, the country’s largest battleground and where more people purchase coverage through the Affordable Care Act than in any other state. Former Vice President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies have for months sought to frame the race here around the healthcare fight, and their case is much clearer with the supreme court down a justice who has repeatedly voted to uphold the law.

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A Joe Biden win in Florida would significantly narrow Donald Trump’s possible paths to Electoral College victory in November. Francisco Alvarado has been in Miami reporting for us on the fight for Florida’s Latino voters.

Recent polls show Biden has lost ground among Florida’s Latino voters compared to his predecessors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom outperformed their Republican rivals among this key voting bloc.

Trump and Biden are virtually tied in Florida, prompting the former vice-president to make his first campaign trip as his party’s earlier this week. Around the same time Mike Bloomberg announced he was committing $100m to turn this crucial swing state blue on 3 November. The “never-Trump” Republican outfit the Lincoln Project also announced it would produce ads targeting Florida’s Latino voters.

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