VP debate 2020: Kamala Harris and Mike Pence to go head to head – live updates

2.00am BST

Susan Page, who is moderating today’s debate, has asked the audience to remain quiet, and refrain from applauding anytime other than the beginning and end of the debate.

Page is the Washington Bureau Chief for USA Today. She’s the first print journalist to moderate a televised presidential or vice presidential debate since 1976.

1.49am BST

Pete Buttigieg, the 38-year-old former mayor who ran against Harris and Biden for president before Biden emerged as the candidate, has taken on the role of Pence in a series of mock debates. Buttigieg, like Pence, is from Indiana, although the two are eons apart politically and personally.

Harris, a former prosecutor, won rave reviews for her performance in an early Democratic debate, when she criticized Biden for his record on race.

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