‘Zoom University’: is college worth the cost without the in-person experience?

Covid-19 has led many to question costs and highlights the fact that higher education institutions are businesses

High school students in the US are very familiar with the glossy college brochures that come in the mail during their last years in high school. Full of pictures of smiling students with backpacks on their shoulders, huge grassy lawns and shiny dorm rooms, the brochures hold out the promise that attending their school will be the best four years of a person’s life.

The competition to get students to enroll and pay for a specific school has a price. New dorms, classrooms and athletic facilities may convince students, especially those who will pay the full price of tuition, to enroll in one school over another – or so school administrators appear to think. This is why college tours are so popular: for many students, college is the campus.

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